Cream Base Concentrate

The African Pacific cream base concentrate is manufactured with an innovative approach to traditional saponification. Our reliance on natural ingredients and traditional processes gives us a product, which changes in character with the seasons. We are only now beginning to understand the many elements, which contribute to this variability and strive daily to minimize the impact of these variables on the final product quality. Our experience with the cream base concentrate while very limited has provided us with the following insights into the performance of the product as a base for creams and lotions.

Cream Base to Oil Ratios:

The cream base concentrate has by nature a high affinity for oils, our experience centres predominantly around coconut oil, so formulations employing other oil systems will require validation of formulation and stability.

For a basic cream we would suggest a ratio of Cream Base 60%, Coconut Oil 30%, Water 10%. This will provide a firm cream, which will resist movement within the final container. Our experience to date on ingredient variations has centred on increasing the water concentration. As would be expected the viscosity of the product decreases with increasing water, from a firm cream at the above base formulation level through to a soft lotion at a water concentration of around 50%.

Cream Base Characteristics:

The viscosity of the raw cream base is dictated by the natural variations of the product due to the seasonal variability of the process. We see the cream base varying in appearance and viscosity from a white solid cream through to a light green viscose liquid. Generally the final product viscosity will only be slight affected by the seasonality of the cream base.

Product fragrance and other inclusions:

Essential Oils - to date we have tested concentrations of up to 2%w/w of various essential oil blends, with excellent stability. We only employ essential oils to generate the individual product characteristic and so have no information on the stability of other fragrance systems.

Colours – we have successfully trialled the use of a broad range of clays up to 2.0% w/w with excellent stability and colour.

Exfoliants – our commercial scrubs have shown good stability while carrying up to 4% w/w of a broad range of exfoliant, ranging in character from ground walnut to ground pumice.

Manufacture General:

The sequence of ingredient addition plays an important part in the final product consistency and stability. Rather than attempt to provide an extensive answer for manufacturing techniques at this stage, we recommend that you contact us to discuss your application.

Our understanding of our cream base concentrate improves as we expand the use; we welcome your participation in helping us extend this knowledge.

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