Fair Trade

Australian Fair Trade CompanyOur commitment

Nui is a dedicated, Australian Fair Trade Company, focusing on the sourcing of ingredients from the island communities of the South Pacific.

Fair Trade recognises and promotes the positive differences we as individuals, businesses and consumers can make to the lives of disadvantaged producers in developing countries by purchasing fairly traded products.

Fair Trade gives you the opportunity to use your purchasing power to tilt the balance, in favour of improving people’s livelihoods and well-being. Fair Trade is a growing, international movement which challenges the present economic system and ensures that producers are guaranteed a fair share of the profits.

African Pacific is a dedicated Australian Ethical Trading Company passionate about achieving social and economic empowerment for the people of the South Pacific. Our Nui range forms an integral part of this ideal and we thank you for your active support in making trade fair for all.

African Pacific’s Charter Of Engagement, Commitment & Accountability

  • Developing long term trading relationships with island producers in the South Pacific.
  • Assisting island communities to establish independent entrepreneurship by purchasing directly from local communities.
  • Encouraging work opportunities for women to strengthen the producer’s organisations.
  • Protecting the income-generation of the most vulnerable of our participating communities in the South Pacifi c, by creating long-term brand equity through our Nui certifi ed organic range of products.
  • Encouraging the improvement in production standards and product quality by:
    1. Offering incentives to participating producers in the South Pacific.
    2. Continuing to research and develop appropriate technology for the production and processing of virgin coconut oil.
  • Respecting the right to Fair Trade over free trade by seeking to pay above free market and government prices for goods purchased from local trades people and encouraging local entrepreneurship through the diversification of micro-businesses.
  • Supporting participating operations through sustainable management and service in relation to organic certifi cation, education,
    and appropriate technological applications for production and product quality, improving organisational and logistical dynamics, service and distribution of virgin coconut oil from the South Pacific.
  • Encouraging and facilitating the building of local infrastructure for the conversion to Certified Organic production in the South Pacific.
  • Minimising environmental damage by upholding a zero-tolerance approach to:
    1. Pollution within the manufacturing process of our products.
    2. By encouraging all participants to maintain an environmentally neutral presence using organically grown products, the harvesting of which has not affected the local resource stock,
    3. By advocating a policy of recyclable or reusable packaging to all our clients.
  • Encouraging an anti-waste philosophy by recycling 100% of all raw materials used in the production of virgin coconut oil.
  • Supporting and upholding a zero-tolerance approach to product testing on animals either in research or in the manufacturing process.

We challenge all our clients to support our charter and endorse similar principles wherever possible.

Thank you again for considering your purchasing choice.
We believe it helps make trade fair for everyone!

Join in and support fair trade! Visit www.fairtrade.com or www.ifat.org.au for more information

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