Liquid Soap Concentrate

The African Pacific liquid soap concentrate (liquid soap) is manufactured with an innovative approach to traditional saponification. Our reliance on natural ingredients and traditional processes gives us a product, which changes in character with the seasons. We are only now beginning to understand the many elements, which contribute to this variability and strive daily to minimize the impact of these variables on the final product quality.

Our experience with the liquid soap has provided us with the following insights into the performance of the product as a hand or body wash.


The liquid soap has by nature a high lather density; this fact has allowed us to prepare a range of commercial products with liquid soap concentrations from 100% down to 40%.

We find that within this range the product continues to generate an acceptable level of lather. Reducing the level of liquid soap leads us to a declining perception of residual “moisturizing” effect and decreasing viscosity.

We suggest that the final concentration of liquid soap is dictated by the individual requirements of both product performance as perceived by the customer and costs and we would recommend discussing your application with our technical team.


The viscosity of the final product is dictated by both the natural variations of the product due to the seasonal variability of the ingredients used within the process, as well as the concentration of the liquid soap within the final formulation.

Our own efforts on increasing the viscosity of the product have centred on the use of gums. To date we find that a 50/50 mixture of Guar and Xanthan Gums provides a marketable answer to increasing final product viscosity.

We find that a total mixed gum concentration from 0.25% to 0.75% provides acceptable products. Concentrations above 1% total gum will develop a stable gel, although we have not explored the potential of these higher gum concentrations.

Gum addition follows the recommendations of the supplier, focusing on thorough wetting during gum addition and continued agitation during the hydration phase.

Product Fragrance:

We only employ essential oils to generate the individual product characteristic. To date we have tested concentrations of up to 2%w/w of various essential oil blends, with excellent stability. Variations in both appearance and viscosity have been attributed to essential oil use. Should you be interested in exploring the use of the African Pacific liquid soap in your products, we suggest that it will be to your advantage to contact our technical team.

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