Processing Division

Our mission at AFRICAN PACIFIC is to develop and promote unique products that optimise the use of ingredients from island communities, with a focus on maintaining environmental sustainability and commercial viability for these same communities. While providing products formulated to provide exceptional quality and efficacy.

Virgin Coconut Oil

Vanuatu Virgin Coconut Oil Ltd (VVCOL)
Sustainable Agri-Business, Luganville, Santo, Vanuatu

VVCOL has the capacity to produce high quality Virgin Coconut Oil from whole coconuts and fresh coconut meat. The VCO is produced using the unique Bowker process, pressing the oil within one hour of opening. Strong local and internationally branded sales is testimony to the high quality and excellent taste of this virgin coconut oil. The operation of VVCOL does not only deliver strong potential export growth for Vanuatu, but at full production can deliver increased earnings and improved livelihoods for up to 5000 coconut growers on Espiritu Santo.

VVCOL is currently fully operational as a VCO producer and can, at current cost of production, can sell VCO both onto the local crude oil market, as well as the international VCO market. The Vanuatu market is growing strongly and a local marketing and distribution platform is being put in place.

VVCOL is working on gaining Organic Certification of around 300 hectares of Coconut Plantation which will generate around 200 mt of organic VCO from July 2012. Forward sales of Organic VCO now available.

Vanuatu: Proprietors
Grant Bowker: 7769514
Ian Wilson: 7743610

Innovative Soap Solutions

After many thousands of hours working to understand the secrets of traditional soap making, we have developed what we see as a unique and innovative blend of European historical soap making with the all but forgotten elements of Pacific Islands traditions.

In both European and Pacific Island cultures the use of wholesome natural oils has long been the centre piece of traditional health and beauty.

At African Pacific we believe we have created an exceptional synergy of these two worlds, by capturing the special properties of olive oil and coconut oil in our unique liquid soap products. We bring to the world a blend of modern technology and the history of traditional oils and the soap makers art.

Current cosmetic ethos leads other manufacturers to use a vast array of complex synthesised chemicals in their products. A neutral pH is sighted as essential for a soap, but this is preposterous. Applying the ancient maxim ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’, we bring you back to a better time and place, free from the hustle and bustle of a super-sized world. Simplicity and natural balance is what you’ve been looking for and we believe we have the answer.

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Bulk Liquid Soap Concentrate - Certified Organic or Natural

Bulk Cream Base Concentrate - Certified Organic or Natural